More Than Just a Blanket

You don’t expect your mother to pass away at a young age, but that’s what happened to Angela, Christina, and Mia Varney. They lost their mother Annie and wanted to honor their mother by making kindness blankets. With the help of their aunt, cousin, and their community they were able to do just that.

“Whenever we were sad or having a difficult day or even when we were so happy, a hug from our mom (Annie) would instantly improve our day. Her hug was warm, generous and heartfelt. We decided blankets were the best way to reproduce the essence of a hug from her. It made sense to us, to pass along as many of these hugs as possible to people all over. A hug that doesn’t judge, doesn’t let go. It is comfort or joy when you need it. All made with unconditional love.”

We all need hugs in our life, especially through the hard times in life. What better way to do that than wrapping yourself in a blanket when no one is around! You might wonder how these blankets provide kindness or how are these different than just a blanket you could get at a department store. These blankets are unique because they are created by people that feel your pain, your loss, and are there for you.

“People deal with the loss of a loved one differently from one another. Some denial, some cry until they are numb, some visit their place of burial, some silently and emotionally shut down. This was something so tragic and so horrible that happened to our family, we needed a ray of light to help heal our hearts. When our mom passed we were lost, we were living in a haze. Nothing made sense and the world seemed chaotic. We needed something to calm our souls. To give to others to let them know, that they are never alone. We wanted others to remember that they’re kind people in this world that truly care. This is what we chose to do to help keep peace in our broken hearts.”

They have given out approximately 1,100 blankets and around 200 currently being made. It’s not just the Varney sisters that helps makes these blankets, they have over 60 people that help create these blankets. These blankets bring people together from the moment they are made to the moment they are delivered.  How amazing is that?!

“Whenever we reach out and ask for help, we can’t explain the amount of response we get in return. We believe that the passing of our mom has directly affected thousands of lives. We believe that she has helped us, help others understand that you may be the most incredible, beautiful, kindest soul on this planet and have so many love you and still feel so alone inside. She along with our community has helped us change the stigma of depression, mental illness, and suicide. They have teamed up with us in so many ways to ensure others know that they are never alone. They have been a lifeline to us.“

These girls are not only remembering their mother in such a beautiful way, but they are helping others in the process. To support the Varney family with Annie’s Kindness Blankets, visit their Facebook page.



Theresa Stier

Theresa Stier, 23, was born and raised in Union County, New Jersey. She graduated from Montclair State University in 2015 with a BA in English and is currently a freelance writer. Theresa enjoys crime shows and action movies. She also always has her eye out for a new pair of shoes.

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