From Chaos to Caring: One Woman’s Mission to Protect Children

Ruby Guillen and Channel Kindness Reporter Ash López photographed at the Child Abuse Prevention Hackathon.

Ruby Guillen is a modern-day superhero. As a social worker for the County of Los Angles Department of Children and Family Services, saving children from violence is her duty.

Like other social workers, Ruby is armed with only a badge, a clipboard, and a compassionate heart. She drives all over Los Angeles County rescuing children from dangerous situations, and there are many children that need to be saved. Child Help reports that more than four children die daily from abuse in the United States, and according to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, the most vulnerable children are age four or younger, as they are at higher risk of dying.

Ruby’s goal is to change this statistic. When she is not protecting children on the front lines, Ruby is busy creating life-saving technology. In 2016, Ruby founded Humanistic Technologies Inc., an organization focused on improving the efficiency of social workers and others in the helping fields through the use of applications and other technology tools. These apps aim to reduce child fatalities and help protect children from harm.

Ruby’s unique “hacktivist” perspective as a social worker and former foster kid sets her apart from others.

“I saw things, and I had experiences that didn’t make me feel good,” she said. “Having an understanding of that, I wanted to figure out how to make the system less scary and less traumatic for kids.”

So Ruby developed an app called the Child Abuse Reporting Tool (CART), which was created from these experiences. When a first responder helps an abused child, the responder must file a report for their specific department. Sometimes, however, the report is not readily accessible to other departments. CART allows for these forms to be filled out online and additionally ensures that no child abuse reporting data gets lost between city departments. Keeping this data available across all city departments protects children from further harm.

Kindness, compassion, and empathy are at the heart of the Humanistic Technologies Inc.

”People think technology is cold. You get a sentiment of coldness and try to create warmness out of it,” Ruby said.

In December of 2017, Humanistic Technologies Inc. partnered with the County of Los Angeles to organize a “heartfelt hackathon” in Downtown Los Angeles. Several programmers and social workers spent days creating technology aimed at preventing child abuse. The Child Abuse Prevention Hackathon was the first of its kind.

Unlike other hackathons, this event did not have cash prizes. All participants selflessly devoted their time for the greater good.

“People were working together and willing to engage in dialogue and challenge each other in collaboration for the sake of children,” Ruby said. “You have to have kindness in order to maximize the value of creating technology.”

Ruby’s story shows the world a perfect example of compassions riveting impact. We can all make a difference with kindness in mind – just like Ruby Guillen.

To learn more about Ruby and her mission to use technology to help children, visit

Ashley Lopez

Ash López, 24, is a socially conscious web developer and college student originally from South East Los Angeles. Ash grew up in the small town of Lancaster. There she excelled as a compassionate and committed leader in her community. Her leadership includes becoming a youth board member at multiple nonprofits in the Antelope Valley and Los Angeles. After attending a web development boot camp, she became a Diverse Scholar fellow. During the fellowship, she became an Echoing Green fellow and Voto Latino: Innovators Challenge semi-finalist. Ash later joined forces with Humanistic Technologies to change the world. As Channel Kindness reporter, Ash hopes to fill the world with kindness- one story at a time.

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