The Unconventional Soulmates: A Tale of Friendship + Sisterhood

May 09, 2024
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This story took place in Mexico

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Mariana (left) and her best friend, Mercedes (right)

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It’s not uncommon to think about a romantic partner or a significant other when we hear the term “soulmate.” From a young age, we’re taught to believe in the idea of finding that one person to share our lives with, perhaps to start a family and grow old together. However, as I reflect on the past decade, I’ve come to realize that the concept of a soulmate extends far beyond romantic relationships. Throughout moments of hardship and profound change, as well as moments of pure joy and heartfelt happiness, I’ve discovered a deeper understanding of what it means to have a soulmate. Much to everyone’s surprise, I’ve found mine in my best friend and my chosen sister.

A decade ago I met Mercedes, or Mer as I call her, when we were just 15-year-old freshmen in high school. Our sisterhood didn’t blossom immediately. Although in the beginning, we shared good times as friends, we unexpectedly drifted apart for about a year. Looking back, we believe life orchestrated this separation to ultimately bring us closer together. Today, Mer is my confidant and my chosen sister. I envision walking life’s path hand in hand with her, celebrating successes, overcoming obstacles, and facing our greatest fears together. And I know she feels the same way.

Mariana (left) and her best friend, Mercedes (right)

Each day, we make a conscious decision to support each other, not out of obligation or societal expectations of friendships, but rather out of a genuine desire to be present in each other’s lives, through thick and thin. It’s a bond forged from love, joy, and a deep mutual understanding.

Our friendship has drawn the attention of others due to its uncommon strength, particularly in the context of strong female relationships. Some have even speculated about romantic undertones, especially given my identity as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. However, our friendship is layered with depth and meaning that goes beyond romantic assumptions.

Why is it such a challenge for people to perceive two girls sharing a deep friendship, a bond that transcends mere companionship, without the assumption of there being a romantic interest? Despite my repeated affirmations that Mer is just my best friend, many people continue to question whether she is my partner. To them, it seems perfectly logical. After all, we travel together, she’s a familiar face in my family gatherings, and our homes often feel like shared spaces. We’ve celebrated each other’s triumphs and supported one another through our darkest moments. Yes, I understand that such friendships are not a daily sighting, but that doesn’t mean they’re non-existent. Mer isn’t my partner, and that doesn’t diminish the fact that she is my soulmate in every sense of the word.

In fact, I’m currently in the happiest, healthiest relationship of my life with Andy, a girl who brings me immense joy and helps me become the best version of myself. It’s safe to say I’ve never been this much in love! However, the magic of my friendship with Mer remains unchanged. My romantic relationship doesn’t diminish the strength of our bond, nor does our friendship alter the dynamics of my relationship. Each connection is strong and loving in its own way and space.

I’m not consumed by the opinions of others, or at least I try not to be. However, there are moments when I wish to emphasize that friendships like ours—bonded as chosen sisters and soulmates—do indeed exist. Mer and I embody this truth, a living testament to the power of deep, enduring friendship.

Let us always remember the beauty and depth found in meaningful connections. As I embrace the profound bond shared with my chosen sister, Mer, I am reminded that love knows no bounds. Our friendship is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a beacon of love in a world often tainted by conflict and misunderstanding. So, let us celebrate the richness of friendship, honor the soulmates who walk beside us in life, and cherish the unconditional love that transcends labels and expectations. Ultimately, it is these connections that truly enrich our lives, infuse our hearts with joy, and guide us along the most beautiful paths.

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