Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan: Beneath The Surface

April 24, 2023
Ludmila is a full-time “Twenty One Pilots” stan who would sell her soul for the emo trinity as well. She loves movies and music and has a knack for languages. In her free time, she goes to university, where she is a third-year undergraduate student struggling to complete her degree.
This story took place in Bangladesh

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(Artwork by Salim Sadman Arnob)

I don’t know Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan. I don’t know him. Yes, I’ve read articles and seen his face in the newspaper, but I don’t know the man. I don’t know Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan, the Diana award recipient, or the 9th coolest person in South Asia. I don’t even find him cool. He is a lot of things. An overachiever, an amazing son, a great colleague. But to me, he is just Murshid. A friend I can turn to no matter what the situation is.

An individual has so many roles to play in his life. From family to friends to work life to random social settings. People around us have an impact. Even the people we walk by can change our day. When you’re lucky enough, random encounters give you amazing bonds. I am lucky enough to have one story like that of my own. I believe it was sheer luck that I got introduced to Murshid. We met through a mutual friend (Nijhum), and the rest is history.

It’s hard to believe that we have grown so close within such a short time. But I believe the world puts in place the blessings meant for you, and thus I bumped into this guy. The oldest saying in the world is that opposites attract. But for us, we bonded because we are similar. We are just too similar not to understand each other and confide in each other.

Even though I would call Murshid my twin, I’d have to say that he’s the better twin. People like him are hard to come by. I haven’t witnessed anyone who would go out of their way to remember the smallest little details. Someone who would bring knick-knacks every time they see you. Knick-knacks that all tell specific and meaningful stories. It’s not about materialistic things. It’s about the stories behind them. The fact that there’s someone out there who listens with the utmost sincerity when you speak and cares enough to remember the smallest little details that you can’t even remember. These types of people are hard to come by. His utmost care and sincerity in everything he does, make him stand out.

I’m confident that everyone who knows Murshid, the friend, will agree with me. You can count on him to be there if you’re having a bad day. You can count on him to listen to you rant for hours. You can also count on him to send you well wishes and check on you before exams, presentations, or any big days of your lives. I honestly do not know anyone else who actually takes the time to call for such silly occasions. There are so many things that set him apart. It’s not possible to mention it all.

My words will fall short if I try to pen down how grateful I am to call him my friend. There’s more to Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan other than his achievements. I hope the world gets the privilege to witness more of this version of Murshidul. Because honestly, the world is being deprived of so much goodness right now.

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