5 Short Videos To Remind You That Change Can Be Positive

April 19, 2024

Kemi Ojikutu is a high school student from Pennsylvania. She’s a huge extrovert who loves making new friends, helping others, and being a positive force in her community. She’s a member of the Youth Volunteer Corps, and Stand Together Against Racism (STAR) where she serves her community and works to raise awareness and education about important topics. It was through them that she learned about the work the Born This Way Foundation does, and was able and honored to join their advisory board and be part of the change. When she’s not working on a passion project, or volunteering at an event, you can probably find her watching a Marvel movie, reading a book, or hanging out with friends.

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Change can be very difficult. Whether it’s a new step in our lives or a new environment, it can be very stressful and easy to lose hope when we don’t know how things will turn out. Though these times can be tough, it is important to remember how much good can come from them. Yes, change can be unfamiliar or uncomfortable, but it can also be a new beginning and a chance to start anew. To remind you of the good things that result from change, check out these short animations by StoryCorps that illustrate hope, change, and new beginnings for the better.

In this short video, Drew Lanham tells his story about his father’s farm, losing his way, and finding passion in what he had lost:

Lyle Link tells his granddaughter about how his decisions to leave his home and forge his own path led to him living a wonderful life with the love of his life:

In this inspiring story, ​​Gweneviere Mann shares that even after losing her short-term memory after brain surgery, she, with the support of her boyfriend, can overcome the challenges she faces and navigate her life in a new way:

In this short, Dreamer and Paul Crowley tell of how a simple haircut made all the difference:

Connie Alvarez asks her mother about her life as an American immigrant and remembers how seeing her mother’s dedication gave her hope and drive to achieve great things:

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