Channel Kindness

February 17, 2020

A good manager can make a difference at work. My manager on a project with USPS, whose been our leader for just a few weeks since November, has left an indelible impression on us because of his style and approach to leading our team and clients. Worth noting, he also manages other teams on separate client accounts. Where does he find the time to be kind?

It looked as if an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in the office, when the “3 p.m. slump” seemed to have found many victims. The feeling of being sleepy, tired, and sluggish overwhelmed our team, but it didn’t go unnoticed by our leadership. To our surprise, our manager went around and offered a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies to those in the Design Den on the 12 th floor. It may have seemed like a small gesture, but it was one done in goodwill and for the olfactory delight of many. Personally, it’s easy to think that those in upper management wouldn’t have the time to think of doing something kind for others, let alone be the one to be directly involved when it’s just as easy to “hand it off to someone else.”

His sincerity gives me hope; he is another example of a Deloitte leader who does not think it could be “beneath them” to be kind, or that being kind is somehow equated to showing weakness.

If you’re seeking design innovation, or just wanting to meet a few friendly faces, come visit 12! We just may have cookies ready for the take.