Advocating for Change with Chronic Illness

October 11, 2022
Hi, My name is Emily, I’m a 24 year old campaigner, activist and writer from the United Kingdom. I have written many articles and worked alongside some of the biggest organisations in the world. My journey with campaigning started after my own personal experiences and I wanted to help others and create positive change for future generations in the United Kingdom and the world!

Pledge to Take Action

I started campaigning for change when I went through many years of misdiagnosed illness by medical professionals. I nearly lost my life to sepsis to get a diagnosis to my pain, and then, I was finally diagnosed with a painful chronic condition called Endometriosis.

This means I’m in daily chronic pain. My journey was far from easy, but that is when I wanted to help support others and create change! I campaign daily for gender equality and disability rights, where currently the world is not hugely accommodating and accessible enough for.

I joined organizations like UNWomen as a delegate and have written for magazines including TheFemaleLead in the hope to help others in their journey of acceptance of chronic health conditions and Mental Health. Also I’m setting up my own online platform to raise awareness and share inspirational stories as no one should ever have to feel isolated or lonely in their journey. I also have worked with local governments to implement much needed change and education.

My advice to young people who have been diagnosed with chronic painful conditions which affects the lives of those daily is you are strong, and you are truly amazing. It’s difficult when you first get a diagnosis, but you’re never alone there’s a whole community that you’re welcome in.

I couldn’t accept my diagnosis very well, but it’s taken me down a truly inspirational path where I’ve had many amazing experiences and spoken to great people! I’m raising awareness and campaigning all day, every day until we see a world where everyone has freedom and acceptance, all done with compassion and care because when we come together we can create the most powerful and positive change.

When I came across Born This Way Foundation and Channel Kindness and the fantastic purpose that drives these amazing organizations, the ‘kindness’ initiative is what stood out to me because the world needs more kindness! It’s so important to ask how someone is and make sure they are supported when they are going through a difficult part of their lives. We can all learn, educate and share and most importantly Be Kind.

My advice is for others to learn about someone’s health condition. If you can be a support system, then please be, check in on your friend with a chronic painful health condition/mental Health condition by sending a message or giving them a call. Don’t forget about them! We don’t want to be forgotten about. Don’t say ‘Are you better yet?’ or ‘You’ll be better soon,’ instead use more inclusive empathetic language such as, ‘Don’t worry if today is a bad day,’ or ‘Tomorrow may be a little better.’

Learn, educate, and help raise awareness for the disabled, marginalized genders, and chronically ill community – society, and in the general the world, needs to learn to be more accepting.

Pledge to Take Action