Have a Heart in These Hard Times

April 13, 2020

Pam Baer is San Francisco based philanthropist committed to improving the well being of vulnerable women and children.

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*Originally published on Medium on March 26, 2020.

In the last few weeks, our entire way of life has been upended with the arrival of COVID-19. We are all adapting everyday to new information, new ways to accomplish goals and new ways to continue our life. Patience is a non-negotiable.

Our supply chain has been drastically altered, but stays in motion due to hardworking people like delivery drivers, small businesses trying to see a way through this crisis and of course all of the medical professionals working tirelessly and endlessly to save lives.

Humans are social by nature. In this time of social distancing, how do we create healing power while learning to live with our new normal?

  • BE KIND. To each other. To ourselves. To our Earth (who clearly needed a break from all of us.). Stay patient with your loved ones in ongoing close quarters. If you are alone, and want to connect with someone in the same situation, try Quarantine Chat. Check in with elderly family members and neighbors and if able and safe, offer to coordinate grocery delivery or cook their favorite meal and leave it on their doorstep.
  • BE ENGAGED. Reach out to an old friend. Set up a face time chat with college roommates or friends from childhood. Try out a new hobby. Learn a language. Many companies are offering highly discounted introductory programs. Read more books. Quarantine Book Club is having live discussions with authors multiple times a week.
  • BE GOOD to your body and mind. Move your body everyday, if only for your mental health. This epidemic is adding to the ongoing mental health crisis. Limit the time you read, watch or listen to the news and social media. Acknowledge, but find ways to limit anxiety and know ways that work for you to lower stress. TALK about how you are feeling. Many fitness studios are offering free streaming classes, especially in yoga and meditation. Headspace is currently offering a collection of guided meditations called Weathering the Storm, free of charge.
  • BE GRATEFUL. For whatever you see in the day that brings you joy. Smile. Laugh.
  • GIVE. If you have the means, please donate to a front line fund. Many are looking for ways to invest in the community and to make a difference. This is the way. At this moment, more than ever, any donation amount is beyond appreciated. No amount is too small. In San Francisco, we have set up an Emergency COVID-19 Fund for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation to support Zuckerberg San Francisco General, the only Level 1 Trauma Hospital in the City. There are daily ever-changing dynamics of this epidemic. The needs are many and resources are currently limited.

Our Earth is still spinning. The sun still rises and sets. We will get through this. Day to day life will recommence. Likely in a way we have never known. There will be much need to support devastating losses and an enormous opportunity for growth and establishment of new paths to success. I am hopeful that when we collectively emerge from this, we will see each other as the human race. That we will celebrate our diversity, but that we will see each other as COVID-19 has seen all of us. As equals.

Good health to you and your loved ones. #staysafe #stayhome

Pledge to Take Action