Invisible Threads & Powerful Ripples

May 22, 2023

Dr. Rahul Rangan (he/him/his), from India, is a medical practitioner by profession, an over-thinker by force and a musician by passion. He believes in healing through kindness. An extension of which is his self-produced album focused on tackling social issues, an orchestration through catharsis. He wants to build a world where kindness is palpable, love is embraceable, and acceptance is breathtaking. A world where open and honest discussions will help alleviate anxiety. A world where a flood of people come together to celebrate love and identity. A world where bravery highlights the importance of community and togetherness. His Anchor: “You like because, and you love despite. You like something because of all of its qualities, and you love something despite some of its qualities.” You can follow his journey of self-healing and acceptance on Instagram at @rahulrangan And learn more about him via his website:

This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

Recently I came across an ancient Japanese legend. According to the legend, there is believed to be an ‘invisible red thread’ tied to our little finger at birth. The other end of this thread is tied to someone whom we are destined to meet. The red thread may encounter entanglements, contractions, or elongations, as is undoubtedly prone to occur, but it’s impervious to snapping. Although this folklore might be restricted to one person whom we are destined to meet, I believe they connect us to every person we encounter, from loved ones to strangers.

Just imagine, we are all connected by these invisible threads that bind us together in this beautiful web of life. Our thoughts, words and actions create a tug on these strings which in turn have a ripple effect that impacts others in ways we may not even realise. We move through life woven together by the energy and intentions we emit. These threads are not physical, but they are no less tangible.

We need to be privy to the power we yield. We could impact those around us through every interaction. These ripples we create could spread far and wide – touching the lives of people we may never meet!

From the core of this interconnectedness rises the idea of Karma – the belief that our thoughts, words and actions have consequences that reverberate beyond their immediate experience. What we emit into the universe, comes back to us tenfold – a reminder of our influence on the world around us.

Small acts of kindness create a positive ripple effect that can change the trajectory of their day or even their life. Our actions can create a chain reaction of kindness. Small deeds could have a powerful impact, be it smiling at a stranger, holding the door open for someone, or simply taking the time to patiently listen!

On the other hand, by treating others poorly, we create negative riptides that spread just as effortlessly. Our actions possess the potential to inflict harm upon others, thereby catalyzing a domino effect of anguish. It could propagate in our immediate environment, extending beyond the victim – poisoning the entire well.

By being mindful of our interactions and treating others with mutual respect we cultivate awareness. This should inspire us to act with kindness. When we engage in acts of kindness and bravery, we fortify that web of invisible threads weaving a sturdy net – impenetrable to negativity.

Together, we can build this impervious web, one ripple at a time!

Pledge to Take Action