The Kindness of a Heart Dog

September 01, 2021

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Have you heard of a ‘heart dog’?

A heart dog is that very special pup that comes into your life once in a lifetime. It is a dog who you bond with completely and hold in your heart forever. If you have been lucky enough to have a heart dog in your life you know exactly what I mean.

It may be the time in your life, the dog, what you’re going through emotionally, it could be any number of reasons. it all depends on the situation but if you know you know….

My heart dog is my rescue, Willow. A nervous, neurotic, anxiety-riddled, loving, and sweet little booboo bear. The Sato Project rescued Willow from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. The Sato Project has rescued more than 5,500 dogs since 2011. They rescued Willow’s mother off ‘Dead Dog Beach’ in 2015. She was so skinny that you couldn’t tell she was pregnant with 7 puppies. Our Willow was one of them.

It’s a recurring thought for me how grateful I am for people like The Sato Project who dedicate their lives to end the suffering of others. They treat every dog like it’s their heart dog. As a nonprofit organization, they rely solely on donations, and they don’t get any fame or notoriety. They just care and they care a lot. For this immense kindness, I am forever grateful. Without them, I would not have been blessed with my Willow, who is truly my best friend.

That’s the thing about rescues…they grasp your heart so tightly, and they never let you forget how grateful they are for a second chance. If it weren’t for the kindness of The Sato Project, I would have never found my best friend.

A dog usually only has one owner. They only know that one life. The Sato Project sees the beauty and unconditional love in a rescue and they connect with others who do as well. I encourage you to adopt, don’t shop. Find your heart dog and learn what unconditional love truly is.

Pledge to Take Action