La vita è Bella

September 02, 2022

Dr. Rahul Rangan, 23, born in Pune, India is currently practicing medicine in KIMS, Karad. He is a self produced artist with his music focused on tackling social issues and propagating kindness in the community. He is interested in music, classical dance and art. While penning over 500 songs he created three albums to orchestrate music in the form of catharsis. He loves writing, practicing yoga, and jamming to Lady Gaga all the time! You can learn more about him via his website :

Pledge to Take Action

There are days when getting out of bed feels laborsome. Days when the daily cacophony of internal despondence overshadows any semblance of peace.

Days where longing for the sun’s warmth coerces one to find a way into nature’s warm and colorful embrace. I’ve come to find that these ‘days’ are the ones where we need to be the most with nature and find our driving forces into the meaning of life.

When you go into nature and experience the true wealth it has to offer you – everything seems insignificant. You don’t worry about the mundane routine you have, you don’t care about those daily tasks you need to check off, and you don’t allow those circadian stressors to affect you. Instead, you experience your lungs full of air, your heart full of blood and your body rhythmically moving to those adrenaline rushes.

There’s a world that’s meant for us to experience – a place that is foreign to us and requires accessing parts of ourselves that we might not have before. We learn to loosen the reigns that we held onto so tightly. Irrespective of the hurdles presented in front of us, we end up persevering. It’s in that state of vulnerability where we encounter a new side of ours.

Live – Please, Live. It is a privilege, a gift. It doesn’t require going to another country or spending a wad of cash, but it also doesn’t necessitate spending one’s whole life sitting on your couch with minutes endlessly passing you by.

Do something that matters. Something that will make you one with nature, something that will help you abandon your comfort zone and explore, whether that means going on a trek, trying a new restaurant, or rekindling old friendships – I promise you, it’ll be worth it.

Pledge to Take Action