Leading Lady Empire Furthers Girls’ Education

November 14, 2022
Hello, my name is Haniya. I am a final year Bachelors in Business Administration student at University of Wollongong in Dubai. I am an intern at Diginova which is a healthtech startup based in Dubai and I run administration. My current role is as an ambassador at the Institute for Economics and Peace where I work with other leaders to develop a more peaceful world. I am passionate about business, public policy, reading, poetry, literature, women’s rights, self-help, and community work.

Pledge to Take Action

Hello there, lovely friends. My name is Haniya and I am based in Dubai. I am passionate about inspiring others and being a positive role model for youngsters. My story began a few years ago, I was researching about education accessibility for a high school project where I found that it was limited in remote regions with only a quarter of the population being granted the right of education across South Asia, very few that get to go to school are girls. Being puzzled by this statistic, I opted to do something to help the wider community. It fueled my passion for wanting to help others and give them a sense of empowerment.

After conducting lots of research on the gap in the market, I started a nonprofit just two months ago, Leading Lady Empire, to help young girls and women acquire accessible resources to further their education and learning. I decided to use my platform to give them inspiration, positive advice, career tips, motivation, and educational help to guide them towards achieving success and empowering them to remember that anything is possible and nothing can stop them or get in their way. Moreover, the nonprofit gives women a voice and a supportive network to share their stories, their progress, and their growth with other women and become the best version of themselves in a safe space where they can meet like-minded individuals who share common goals. With a shared network at Leading Lady Empire, women can support one another in accomplishing and making the most of their resources to build lifelong friendships.

I believe an education is a tool that all women must have to be independent and to prosper in life, it is kept for life ,and the value offered from quality education can last young girls and women a lifetime which nobody can take away from them. My mission remains to make education accessible and flexible for those in disadvantaged regions or who do not have adequate resources to achieve their professional goals, but most of all, I strive to give young women a sense of purpose and achievement through my efforts which is why I have developed my non-profit project by will.

It is of no cost and a completely free platform with the mission of empowering girls to become leaders of the future. Thank you for reading my biography, I hope that you can achieve all your dreams, and remember that the sky is always the limit!

Pledge to Take Action