Love, Chinatown

May 06, 2022
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When New York City’s Chinatown was hit hard early on in January 2020 due to the coronavirus, partners Moonlynn Tsai and Yin Chang weren’t content to just be bystanders.

Local businesses were closing their doors, and members of the community were being violently attacked due to racism and xenophobia. Tsai, as co-owner of Malaysian restaurant Kopitiam, decided to use her restaurant as an anchor for “Heart of Dinner,” a community relief effort to provide meals and provisions to elderly in the neighborhood. The pair’s resilience and strength have served as a pillar of hope for Chinatown throughout the pandemic.

The films below “Love Chinatown” Part 1+ 2 show their impact:

(Documentary courtesy of Lightbeam)

Produced by Greener Media Production
Director: Karen Yung
Executive Producer: Jesse Ash
Producer: Donalrey Nieva
Cinematographer: Leo Gallagher
Editor: Zack Lobe

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