Mother + Nurse Katy Ware Finds Everyday Kindness

August 25, 2018

Julianna Beauvais, 19, is an undergraduate student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania studying media and journalism. Beauvais aspires to travel the world sharing the stories of people overcoming adversity, specifically giving a voice of hope to women and children of domestic abuse. After graduating, she plans to continue her education and complete a Masters degree in speechwriting and journalism. She spends her free time with friends and working to save money to travel.

Channel Kindness Reporter Julianna, interviews Katy Ware, a mother, and a nurse who finds kindness in her home and the hospital. She asks two simple questions to show that you don’t need to be part of an organization or big group to see kindness and make a difference: What does kindness mean to you? What is the kindest thing you have seen in your life?