Ready to #BeKind365?

March 22, 2023

Joshua Hollin (He/Him/His ) is Digital Associate for Born This Way Foundation where he executes digital content in service to the mission of building a kinder, braver world. In 2017, Josh initiated “Channel Kindness Radio,” a recurring podcast series featured on, which centered around non profit organizations and people who are actively making a difference in their communities. Josh graduated with his Bachelors in Commercial Music Composition from Florida Atlantic University. In the future, Josh wishes to combine his passion for music, marketing, graphic design, and social media in a way that makes a difference. You can follow Josh on Twitter at @PAJAMAJOSH and on Instagram at @PAJAMAJOSH.

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Pledge to Take Action

As digital associate for Born This Way Foundation, I have the privilege of reading your comments and dms, and the feedback I receive most often is, “What happens next after #BeKind21?” Today, I’m so excited to share with you what that next is. An immersive, fun, engaging FREE online platform called #BeKind365.

Through #BeKind365, you’ll be able to receive suggestions for intentional kind acts you can practice in support of yourself and your community through our curated Kindness Generator, share the love through our Gratitude Postal Service, share your kind story through Channel Kindness, witness how your kindness ignites chain reactions building a kinder and braver world, and more! Click here to pledge to #BeKind365 today!

Countless research, including our own, shows kindness is good for your mental health whether you are practicing it, receiving it, or even witnessing it in the world. So sign up here to pledge to #BeKind365 – it’s good for you!

Thank you for everything you do to build a kinder and braver world as part of our Born This Way Foundation community, and I hope you’ll sign up for #BeKind365 today.

We also want to share our deepest gratitude for our partners at BRP for making #BeKind365 possible through their Ride Out Intimidation program. 

Pledge to Take Action