Share Your Story With Channel Kindness Today!

July 17, 2024
This story took place in United States

At Channel Kindness, we know there’s great power in sharing your story. With the help of Filmic, a student run production agency from the University of Michigan, we created a video that encompasses what Channel Kindness is truly about – bravery, vulnerability, self-love, and of course, kindness.

We invite you to become inspired to share your story by the video below, submit it here when you’re ready, and check out the words from Maddie –  one of the students who worked on this film, below.

From Maddie: We had a truly wonderful time working on this project. It all began with a simple google form. We blasted it out across campus searching for students with a story to tell. We got incredible responses from every corner of the school. From students in the musical theater department, to kids in the business school, to athletes on the basketball team, each one had a unique story to tell. After narrowing it down to just nine submissions, we sat down with each student to flesh out their story. They told us tales of hope, resilience, humor and kindness. We began the impossible task of narrowing each story down to just one sentence. Our vision was to visually represent these stories with a single blurb staged in an environment that gave a peek into each student’s life. We showcase tales of a dancer who learned to stop striving for perfection, a student who’s learning how to navigate college with English not being her first language and many more. After spending so much time with these students and stories, we could not be more excited to share it with you. This project has shown us how powerful a story, and even just a sentence, can really be. We thank Channel Kindness for creating a platform to share such stories and we hope you enjoy it!