Socks, Food, Coats and Toys—Lending a Helping Hand

September 22, 2017

Editor’s Note: Our friends at PathPoint, an organization in Southern California dedicated to helping people with disabilities or disadvantages to reach their fullest potential, wrote to us about the generosity of Joshua.

Joshua has a truly caring heart and concern for those in need.  Although he faces difficulties himself and has limited mobility, that hasn’t stopped him from helping his community.  In looking for a purpose in his life, he has identified causes he can contribute to and use his abilities of compassion, motivation, and perseverance.

In his Southern California community, Joshua takes pride in organizing drives and collections to benefit others in the Antelope Valley.  He recently completed a “sock-a-thon,” collecting socks for Calvary Chapel Antelope Valley’s Abound Ministry which serves the local homeless population.  When handing off his sock collection to Shannon Andrus, one of the leaders of Abound, she exclaimed, “Thank you so much.  It is such a blessing! Socks are like gold to these people in need.”

Joshua has conducted drives for the past five years. Usually, twice a year, helping local food banks such as Grace Resource and Code 7 Ministries, and a coat drive for a local domestic violence agency, AV Saving Grace.  His enthusiasm gets everyone involved.  He participates in a program for adults with developmental and physical disabilities and asks the office staff at PathPoint to help make fliers which he distributes to other participants to take home.

Joshua’s family helps him spread the word through Facebook, emails, and word of mouth.  He has participated in PathPoint’s Community Access Programs for 11 years.

“He is an amazing and a very motivated individual,” said CeCe Schrock, a PathPoint Program Coordinator.  “He’s an inspiration to our staff, families of other participants, and the organizations he supports,” added Elizabeth Gorski, PathPoint Support Plan Coordinator.

Joshua’s feelings of pride and accomplishment for those who support his cause and himself can be seen on his face when he delivers his donations, or someone picks up his collections.

He’s gearing up for a Toys for Tots drive next month!