Ten Easy Acts of Kindness for Yourself and Others 

February 17, 2022
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

Today’s story is written by Hunter, our honorary 9-year-old kid reporter.

Hi, I’m Hunter! I’m in 3rd grade, and I helped to found #BeKind21 with help from Born This Way Foundation.

Kindness is important because sometimes you are having a bad day or sometimes your friend is having a bad day and then someone comes up to you and invites you to play and you immediately feel better, and that is one of the easiest ways to be kind. 

Here are ten acts of kindness you can do today:

  1. Pick up ten pieces of trash.
  2. Recycle.
  3. Have lunch at home with your loved ones.
  4. Do not litter.
  5. Adopt a pet.
  6. Make a new friend.
  7. Go outside for an hour.
  8. Don’t sit in front of a screen all day.
  9. Send letters to your friends and family.
  10. Have one day of the week to have a break from responsibilities.

Pledge to Take Action