Chromatica: ‘Lady Gaga Gave Me the Power to Survive’

August 12, 2022

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Hi my name is Chantal, I’m 20 years old and live in Germany. I want to share my experience at the Chromatica Ball and why Gaga is such an inspiration for me. Lady Gaga is my biggest inspiration since forever. She helped me get through a really hard time – I thought I’d never make it out alive.

When I was 15 years old, I had the darkest time of my life. I struggled with my mental health a lot. I felt alone and very weak. I thought that no one would understand how I feel. I was on the edge and very close to giving up. At this time, the only thing that helped me not to lose my way completely was Gaga and her music. Especially the album Joanne, which she released at this time, gave me so much strength. She inspired me to go my own way, to believe in myself, and to fight for my life. I discovered a strength I never knew I had. Just her being her made my dark years so much easier.

I opened a Gaga Fanpage to share my love for her, and I discovered that I was not alone. The community, the Little Monsters are amazing – everyone is so kind. I think this shows the kindness of our idol. She really teaches us to be kind in every way possible. Gaga gave me the power to survive, to fight and to keep going. I’m still struggling some times, but I always remember that I’m ‘born this way’ and that it is worth it to fight for my life. Because of her! I am so grateful for everything she does for us. It makes me the happiest girl on earth when I see her happy. It was my biggest dream to see Gaga live one day. I had tickets for the JWT, and I was heartbroken when she had to cancel the show. Not only because I couldn’t see her but also because she was in pain. I couldn’t handle knowing that she felt so bad, and I prayed for her every day! Years later when she confirmed the Chromatica Ball tour, I cried so much because of happiness. I was happy for her to finally be able to perform again, and I couldn’t believe that I would get the chance to finally see her. I got tickets for her opening show in Düsseldorf, and it was amazing! It’s now one week since the concert and I’m still not over it!

When she came on the stage for the first time, I started crying so much and couldn’t stop. I was just so, so grateful for this moment, for her. I still am! She is such an inspiration and a talented woman. She deserves the world, and I will forever be thankful for everything. Because of her, I’m still here fighting for my dreams. Paws up forever! Gaga, please stay this wonderful woman you are cause you are perfect as you are! I hope the ball makes you as happy as it makes all of us! <3

Love, Your little monster

*Chantal’s special note to readers: Just remember that everyone of us is worth living. Keep going and stay kind! You never know what someone else is going though. Let us hold our hands together. And paws up!

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