Three Words That Will Change Your Life

June 21, 2022

Leon Logothetis (The Kindness Guy) has visited over 100 countries on a life-changing mission of kindness. He is a 3 time best-selling author and a renowned motivational speaker. He is the star of the Discovery+ reality TV series, “The Kindness Diaries,” where he travels across the world relying on the kindness of strangers, giving unsuspecting Good Samaritans life-changing gifts. He is also the host of the podcast series, “Spontaneous Moments Of Conversation” on Spotify. He lives in Los Angeles with his dog Archie.


Pledge to Take Action

(Photo Credit: Winston Entertainment/Leon leans on his arms from his yellow VW bug window)

There are moments we feel profoundly alone. There are moments where we feel the weight of the world. In an endless loop of suffering, we feel the weight of the world. 


That I see you. I hear you. I know. 

The bullying never stopped. The pain never stopped. The shame never stopped. They never stopped. 


And that is why I am writing this blog. For you. (Because I know). 

I am writing this for the people out there who are in pain. For the people out there who feel broken. For the people out there who know what it feels like to be consumed by the weight of the world.

People just like me. 

I see you. 


And this is where everything can change. Everything.

There is a way out. 






You are just three words away from no longer holding up the world. Silently.

Three words. 

Share Your Pain. 

If we don’t share our pain, I promise, it will consume you. if we don’t share our pain, I promise it will destroy you. 

(Harsh truths are sometimes the bitterest pills to swallow) 

Find someone safe. Someone trustworthy. Find someone. Or. 

Buy yourself a journal, and share your pain within the confines of its pages. Total truth. Again and again and again. Let the pain bubble to the surface and share it all.

(Photo Credit: Entertainment Enterprises/Leon hugs a man with a baby.)

I promise. 

If you find the courage to let it all out, the pain’s poison will beg into free you from its grip. If you find the courage, you will no longer be holding the weight of the world. 

I promise. 

If you find the courage to stand taller than the pain that has consumed you, a lightness will engulf you. Now, will everything change overnight? Maybe not. 

But if you make it a commitment to share your pain, I promise, that yes, everything will change. One small act of profound bravery at a time. 



To be free. 

And, the greatest act of rebellion is to dip into the ocean of sadness that lives in each and everyone of us, and take a swim. Don’t go alone. Bring a trusted friend with you, but take that leap into the deep end of the far reaches of your heart. 

Take that leap. 

(Photo Credit: Winston Entertainment/Leon standing and smiling in front of his yellow VW)

And when you find the courage to free yourself. I promise. 

You will no longer feel alone*. 

I know. 

*If you don’t have anyone you can share your pain with, you can share your pain with your new English friend: [email protected]

Pledge to Take Action