San Francisco Teens Turn Passion into a Cause

August 31, 2020

Alvina Shea is a rising high school senior from San Francisco, California, and is passionate about writing and community service. She loves sitcoms, the beach, and hanging out with friends. Alvina is currently interning for Opportunities for All and a performance psychologist.

Pledge to Take Action

Anita Liu, a San Francisco high school student, has always had a passion for giving back to the community. In April, it occurred to her that many workers were still putting their lives on the line amidst a global pandemic to keep their communities safe and fed. Anita brought it upon herself to use her passion, skills, and resources to show these workers the appreciation they deserved.

She came up with the idea to make e-cards that could be sent out to workers, and encourage other students in her area to do the same. When asking Anita her inspiration for the idea, she explained that an organization had been asking people to make paper cards. She thought to herself, “Would I have to interact with others to simply hand out a card? Is there a way to do this online?” E-cards were a simple solution. Not only are they convenient and easy to make, but it also “limits human transmission,” Anita said. She immediately proposed this idea to her close friend, Serena Wong, who is also a San Francisco high school student.

In late April, the duo launched their Instagram account (@wordsforworkers) and garnered a following of other San Francisco youth. Since then, they’ve collected nearly 50 e-cards and hosted an e-card making party, with over 15 attendees. They send these e-cards to local food places, grocery stores, and healthcare centers.

Anita and Serena have aspirations of expanding their Instagram page, and they want to inform more people of their work and mission and show them that just because we’re all quarantined at home doesn’t mean we can’t be making a difference in the world.

“You never know how big of an impact a small gesture can make on someone’s day,” Serena remarked. They hope their organization also inspires other teens to use their platforms and skills to spread love in their communities.

Not only is “Words for Workers” a good way to develop graphic design skills, but it’s also a great way to demonstrate gratitude for those who work endlessly to keep their neighborhoods happy and well.

No matter where you are or how limited your graphic design knowledge is, consider following the organization on Instagram (@wordsforworkers), submitting e-cards to them, and contacting them at [email protected] with any questions! They’re happy to help teach people how to make digital cards!

Give love to the essential workers in your community!

Pledge to Take Action