A Real Life Batman

March 09, 2023
Kristen Edmiston is an escrow professional in Southern California, who is also passionate about mental health and grief support.
This story took place in United States

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(A childhood picture of Kristen with her father.)

At first when I was thinking of what I had wanted to write about to share, I undoubtedly had wanted to talk about my late father – I just didn’t know that I was going to talk about him in this capacity.

You see, in early January on this year, I was involved in a situation with my car that could have been a much bigger nightmare…and quickly. Although, for some reason, while in the depth of the moment, I felt a wave of calmness and assurance, feeling almost glided and guided in the steps that I needed to take, as if I had been through it all before. One of the tires peeled off of my rim while I was on the busy freeway (in the middle lane). I was forced to a slow, complete stop. While looking into my rear view mirror, I thought, “Okay, I am probably going to be hit.”

It was not but about a minute or two, that I began hearing a roar of honking. Then, a figure appeared at my driver’s side window, letting me know to put my car into neutral so that he could help me push my car to the side of the freeway. I quickly discovered that he had used quick thinking, and his gold heart, to create a wedged pathway with the semi-truck he was driving in order to stop traffic from flowing on the right hand side. He was able to rush over to me and then push my car to safety. I was left in awe and in immense appreciation for his kindness and bravery for helping me, a stranger. Like a real life Batman, responding to the Bat-Signal. We waived a heartfelt goodbye, and he shared an endearing honk from his valiant truck – further solidifying the goodness that really does exist in the world.

In addition to his gallant actions, as I waited for the tow truck to arrive, three separate people took the time out of their day to notice me and to stop on the side of the freeway, just to see if they could help me change my tire. I unfortunately did not have a spare one at the time, but the mere acts of kindness and willingness that I had witnessed from them filled me up with enough hope and gratitude to keep my heart and mind at ease during a rather spine-chilling incident. I immediately thought, this is why you spread kindness. This is why you pay it forward. I wanted to spread that same graciousness and hope that I received onto others.

I also thought that my dad truly sent me the angels that exist on earth. I believe there isn’t any real way that I could have made it through that situation as best as I did without them. When you help and show that kind of love to others, you really are also acting as the angel on earth that you were meant and called to be for someone. I could not be more thankful for those angels that day, and for my dad.

I was not able to catch the names of all those who helped me that day, but maybe, just maybe, they will come across this submission, and know just how much of an impact that they made on my life that day.

I have the hope that readers just continue to see people and lend a hand to others who they may not know who appear to be in need, and know that kindness will have a ripple effect onto the world. Also, I hope for readers to continue to advocate for mental health and for those enduring the feelings and effects of grief.

Pledge to Take Action