Addy’s Kindness Mission

April 02, 2022

I’m Stephanie, the proud mom of Adelynn (Addy) Kidd. Addy is a very kind child with the biggest heart ever. Since she was just a toddler, we would bake cookies and drop them in neighbors’ mailboxes to make them smile. I feel Addy has taken this to the next level with her current “mission.” 

Addy and I were talking about the current agencies in our hometown that we could raise money for, because she proposed having a bake sale or a hot chocolate sale. We thought about animal shelters, the Ronald MacDonald house, and lots of other causes that needed our help. When I asked, “How about the people and children that don’t have warm coats that may not have homes?” her mind was blown that homelessness even exists in our world. Her response was quick, “Mom, we have to help them! The people that don’t have homes, it is freezing outside!” 

She was so passionate about this that we jumped in and got to work. After a week of planning and countless hours of baking and crafting, we set up our mission in front of our home. 

We had over 75 people stop by and donate lightly used or brand-new winter items or purchase an item from our bake sale. Soon, Addy’s school hopped on board and started helping us collect mittens, hats, and socks!

We have currently raised over C$1,300.00 and donated to various organizations providing services for those in need, including Street Help, Children’s Aid Society, and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor Essex County. Also, we have collected over 600 winter items, including 377 hats, mittens, and socks for people in need. 

We will be donating the money to our local mental health association and the winter items to the Children’s Aid Society as well as a local charity that collects winter items for families in need and a friend who distributes items directly to the homeless. 

Donations are still rolling in and we couldn’t be prouder!

After her “kindness mission” was complete, she was over the moon excited and felt so proud!