Celebrating Black Joy, Love, and Family

February 03, 2022
This story took place in United States

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Today and every day, we celebrate Black joy – Black joy is healing, it’s affirming one’s being, and it’s about highlighting the bellyaching laughter of happiness that occurs on a daily basis in Black culture.

Check out these short animations by Storycorps that celebrate all the daily curious, creative, loving, and playful moments in the Black community.

1. In this adorable short, Mission Operations Engineer at NASA Joey Jefferson talks with his outer space-obsessed six-year-old nephew about the magic of the universe.

2. Jackie and her son Scott son share what it means to be there for each other and love each other through anything.

3. Wendell Scott was the first African American inducted in the NASCAR Hall of Fame – learn more about how he navigated the racetrack!

4. When Will was 28, he attended his first year of college with his infant daughter, Olivia, in hand. Now all grown up, the two reflect on their shared college experience.

5. Ellaraino shares the story of visiting her great-grandmother one summer and what she learned about freedom while there.


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