November 25, 2022
Lightbeam is a storytelling platform on a mission to close the empathy gap! We feature artfully-crafted, shareable short documentaries that shine a light on compassionate people and acts of kindness. During these unprecedented times, Lightbeam is a welcome beacon to show us that the best of humanity always shines through.

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Cielo, a non-profit focused on supporting the Indigenous community in Los Angeles, was started by a mother-and-daughter team. Cielo takes a human-centered approach to their work, understanding firsthand how hard it is to be socially and culturally isolated. They work to provide access to food and healthcare to the Indigenous community in LA.

(Courtesy of Lightbeam)

Lightbeam Original
Director: Catherine Yrisarri
In partnership with: Yola Mezcal 

Pledge to Take Action