Community Fridges

September 09, 2022
Lightbeam is a storytelling platform on a mission to close the empathy gap! We feature artfully-crafted, shareable short documentaries that shine a light on compassionate people and acts of kindness. During these unprecedented times, Lightbeam is a welcome beacon to show us that the best of humanity always shines through.

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Many of us grab a snack from our fridges every day. But some people around the world don’t have food as readily available. Paperboy Prince is spreading love and fighting food insecurity with community fridges; places around Brooklyn, NY that feature a fridge packed with food for anyone to take or leave. These fridges are also starting to spread beyond New York City, ultimately spreading kindness and food into many communities around the country.

(Courtesy of Lightbeam)

Optimist Films
Director: Owen Dubeck

Pledge to Take Action