Finding Comfort and Healing With BTS

August 29, 2023

A young change maker who believes in creating a brave space to talk about the issues that matter. I have the vision to create a circle of change where we can employ relational and interdependent approaches to inspire and uplift each other in bringing meaningful changes to society. I am a strong advocate of the Ubuntu philosophy which says, “I am because we are”. With me, you can have discussions about mental health to address your psychological and emotional turbulence because we all share the universal language of emotions, and also have conversations on human rights to create a universal bond that connects humanity. In my opinion, we need active and engaging conversations on different issues that have tarnished our society, otherwise, they will remain overlooked, and normalized concerns in our parochial society. As an aspiring bureaucrat, I am on a self-exploratory journey of identifying my roles and responsibilities more than my rights and privileges in society.

This story took place in India

Pledge to Take Action

As an avid music listener, Vaishnavi shares how the South Korean boy band BTS (also known as the Bangtan Boys) makes her feel safe, supported, and at home.

“The lyrics of their songs provide a sense of comfort and relief to the listeners by unabashedly attacking the harsh societal narratives and stereotypes,” she says.

Follow along below as Vaishnavi shares her appreciation of BTS and what she enjoys about their music and the community of family they’ve created all over the world!

Pledge to Take Action