Five Bookstores Everyone Should Visit

April 18, 2023

My name is Deborah Fauche. I am 14 years old, and am a freshman at Brooke High School. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, but I am half haitain, half african american. I love reading, writing, and binging tv shows. I have been with Teens In Print for 2 years. I enjoy writing about my opion and thoughts, especially when it comes to books and reading.

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*This story was originally published on Teens in Print is an inclusive WriteBoston program created to amplify the marginalized voices of eighth to twelfth grade Boston students.

If you are a book lover like me in Massachusetts,  you might struggle with not being able to find incredible bookstores that have everything you’re looking for. There are such amazing bookstores. However, nowadays it is more often for bookstores to be closing down, for so many different reasons. Some close down because selling online is easier, but also because online booksellers like put them out of business.

If you are like me, who likes to go to the bookstores and get the books myself, then this is inconvenient. Don´t get me wrong, ordering online is good, but being able to go inside the bookstore is different. Seeing all the books lined neatly up, looking at all of them, seeing so many I want to get and will add to my list, and picking up the next books that I will dive into. It hits differently. This article will give people five bookstore recommendations that they can go visit, and why they should visit them.

1. Brookline Booksmith: Brookline Booksmith

Address: 279 Harvard Street, Brookline MA

Brookline Booksmith is an independent bookstore located in Brookline MA. The bookstore has been open since 1961 and has been thriving ever since. It has everything, from books to gifts for family, friends, or even yourself. Here you will find so many amazing books to offer. YA, Adult fiction, poetry, horror, fantasy, and so much more. Even if they do not have the book, they offer to order it for you.

When you walk into the store you are immediately greeted with the sight of books everywhere divided beautifully into their different genres. It immediately makes you want to go down each aisle and see every book available. And it’s not just the books there, when you walk up the ramp all of their amazing merchandise welcomes you. Everything from necklaces and bags, to coloring books. This bookstore is one hundred percent worth checking out.

2. Frugal Bookstore: Frugal Bookstore

Address: 57 Warren Street, Roxbury MA

Frugal Bookstore is an independent, Black-owned bookstore that has been blessing the community with its presence since its opening in 2008. This bookstore has so many different genres and age ranges of books that you could be looking for. They highlight and shout out large groups of Black, Brown, and Indigenous authors who were not before recognized as much as others.

When you walk into this bookstore you are welcomed by the warming vibe it immediately gives off. The books in their different sections and their friendly employees greet you.  The bookstore is easily accessible by bus, with the Dudley station being right across from it. This bookstore is without a doubt worth going to.

3. Barnes and Nobles: Barnes & Noble

Addresses: 246 Legacy Place, Dedham/ 98 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington MA

Barnes in Noble, the largest bookstore chain (according to google), has been a favorite place for a lot of readers. Since its public opening in 1993, the bookstore has received so many devoted readers to itself. This bookstore has almost every kind of book you’d be looking for. Even a section devoted to #BookTok, which I particularly love. They give their customers space to enjoy themselves while they read their new books. When you walk inside you are greeted by the scene of books. Big, small, YA, poetry, everything.

A lot of Barnes and Noble also have small cafes or Starbucks attached to them. So while people enjoy their books, they can also have a drink and a snack. They even give customers amazing discounts on books. Do not walk, run to this bookstore.

4. Harvard Bookstore: Harvard BookStore

Address: 1256 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 

Harvard bookstore has been an independent bookstore that so many have loved since 1932 when it opened. This bookstore is open to readers, and many authors who come in to talk about their work. Inside the book, genres vary for many different audiences. They also sell merchandise like bags, bookmarks, t-shirts, and mugs. All you see when you get inside are books, it’s gorgeous, rows and rows of books. They even offer blind dates with books.

The bookstore is located in the middle of Harvard Square, which is such a vibrant community. There are coffee shops, tea shops, and even clothing shops, so you can enjoy your books with your preference of beverage, and even go shopping. Driving is less ideal because of the lack of parking, so it is better to take the train, bus, or uber. If this all sounds appealing, then I highly suggest you visit this bookstore.

5. Brattle Bookstore: Brattle Book Shop

Address: 9 West st, Boston MA 

Since 1825, Brattle Bookstore has brought amazing antique books to the community. Brattle Bookstore is the home of older and original books. They have some of the last copies of books, and even some posters and paintings from former generations. Brattle sells good quality used books, at a cheaper price being more convenient to the customers. The outside part of the bookstore has also attracted many of its customers.

The bookstore is located right across from the Boston Common park. In this area so many places are located, restaurants, cafes, shopping stores, everything. So you can buy your book, grab something to eat, and then read in the park. What sounds better than that? This is certainly a bookstore you should visit, mostly if you are a fan of older classics.

Finding a good bookstore is like when you find something that just makes you so freaking happy. It’s Like when you find the perfect pair of shoes, or when you find that one thing that you lost.  Some readers, might have already found their bookstore, but these bookstores are so amazing, you need to check them out. All different in their own way, but all connected by how much they are loved.

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