Will you #ChannelKindness with me this holiday season?

December 15, 2020

Pledge to Take Action

Today we are proud to announce #ChannelKindness Holiday, our campaign calling on our partners and community members like you to join us in meeting the growing unmet needs that we’re witnessing in neighborhoods across the country. We are living in a global pandemic that impacts every aspect of our daily lives and collective ability to move, and heal. We’re also living through a period of great social unrest, hoping that we can stop making the case for an inclusive, fair world and start working toward the realization that our survival is interconnected.

Through all of this, I will tell you that there is hope and we have the privilege of experiencing it every day at the Foundation. This holiday season we want to prove that our ability to survive and thrive is fueled by generosity, curiosity, and collaboration. Our friends at Bumkins are providing new, beautiful children’s clothing to families facing colder weather and needing warm clothes. Our friends at Chegg.org are worried – like we are – about the food insecurity issues plaguing our communities and they are providing gift cards to supermarkets so fewer people experience hunger. The needs are overwhelming, but so is the drive to meet them.

Here’s where you come in:

  • Do you work at or do you know someone who works at a company with excess inventory or credits? We know families and non-profit partners – thousands of them – that can put any of your abundance to use. Do you have pastries? We know a shelter that wants to serve them. Do you have toys? We know foster homes that would love to give them to a child. Do you have pencils? We know young students learning in difficult conditions who want to sharpen them. Let us know here: https://forms.gle/GhE7t3uGVLAqKPt46
  • All of the funds raised through this link through the end of the year will be in service to this campaign, you can give or encourage people to give here: https://bornthisway.foundation/holiday-giving-2020/
  • Do you know of a nonprofit organization that could use some support? Let us know here: https://forms.gle/Uycx8mpCj4UpnV1k6
  • Want to help us spread the word? Here’s a graphic you can share on social media with #ChannelKindness:

Thank you for the good that you already do in the world and the kindness that you share. We are so grateful for you.

Pledge to Take Action