Creating Student-Led Cultures of Kindness on School Campuses

March 09, 2021

Pledge to Take Action

(Courtesy of Cristina Robek)

Let’s Be Kind is a non-profit that is focused on Creating Student-Led Cultures of Kindness on school campuses. In 2018, I was an 8th grader at Costa Mesa Middle School and started Let’s Be Kind Day by gifting my student body the first Let’s Be Kind Tees.

At the start of my 8th-grade year, I moved from living abroad in El Salvador with my family back to California. Attending middle school here was different. The culture seemed to be focused around putting each other down.  I was told my hair looked weird or people would make fun of the way I spoke Spanish, so I decided I wanted to do something about how people were treating me and treating each other. I came up with a kindness event called Let’s Be Kind Day: This is where I passed out t-shirts to the entire student body of my school that said Let’s Be Kind on them.

I am so proud of what it has done because in three years, we have reached over 14 schools and have given t-shirts to almost 6,000 students. The t-shirt and this one act of kindness has changed schools, students, and families. I hope to change the culture on school campuses to spread kindness!

It’s been a difficult year. Students are feeling the burn in so much. We have had an overwhelming request for kindness on school campuses this year. We’re so excited to be hosting Let’s Be Kind day at 15 different schools and spreading kindness to over 9,000 students.

Without knowing other kids care, it is really easy to feel alone without anyone to talk to. By wearing a Let’s Be Kind t-shirt you can start spreading kindness through your actions and let other kids know they always have someone to talk to.

(Courtesy of Cristina Robek)

You can be part of spreading kindness on school campuses by:

– Sponsoring a student.
– Give a T-shirt.
– Donate

To bring Let’s Be Kind to your school, visit

Pledge to Take Action