Look Within

February 12, 2021

Juan Acosta, 19, is from Woodland, California. He is currently completing his last year at Woodland Community College before transferring to San Francisco State University where he plans to study Psychology. He has worked with nonprofits such as the Yolo Family Resource Center, attended multiple leadership camps, and hosted a local television show “Teens on the Move.” He is interested in research into community dynamics, coping with emotional and psychological trauma, ways to protect minority students, and how to make schools a bully free zone. In Juan’s free time he enjoys going out with friends, family, and working out.

Pledge to Take Action

Sometimes our lives move at incredible speeds. We are all so preoccupied with our day to day tasks that we lose track of setting time aside for ourselves. However, we must remember to prioritize our well-being along life’s journey. We cannot leave ourselves behind or lose sight of who we are amidst those day to day tasks

At a time where we are not only worrying about our day to day needs. We are all also watching the news to keep up with developments of the state of our world, which can be stressful. 

It is now more important than ever to reflect. 

Reflection: it’s taking time to slow down and truly sit with our thoughts, our hopes, and our fears. 

To look from within can be scary, it can be scary to sit in our own discomfort, in our own doubts and know it’s all coming from within but it’s necessary. 

Self-reflection is key to our self-awareness. When we reflect we are able to acknowledge our strengths and our opportunities for growth. That’s how I view them as opportunities for growth rather than weaknesses.  When we make time for self-reflection we are making time to intentionally process our emotions. 

In this moment, we should all be reflecting. We could all sit down, close our eyes and reflect on the past year. A year where many of us faced many battles whether it was internal battles with our mental health or battles in meeting our physical and basic needs. In this moment, we all deserve to make time for ourselves, to thank ourselves for making it through, for being brave, and for trying to put our best foot forward every day. 

Reflect and give yourself credit for what you do on the day-to-day. Reflect and realize that comparisons to others aren’t needed, we are all on our unique journey and we all have unique qualities to offer to the world and to our communities. Those unique qualities are what will help us create a kinder and braver world.

Pledge to Take Action