Navigating the Junior Year Maze

December 20, 2023

Khloe is a 15-year-old international philanthropist. She recognized a common challenge faced by youth was connecting their passion with a sustainable purpose. At the age of 8 she started her own global non-profit organization called Khloe Kares, which helps young people discover and realize their passions, she supports women experiencing homelessness and installs water pumps and bathroom facilities in Ghana in schools that don’t have access to clean water. The Khloe Kares Leadership Workshop trains youth in leadership, business planning, and public speaking
skills. Khloe’s mission is to show students how to both set goals and achieve them. She’s traveled all over the country telling her story of how philanthropy has changed her life.

This story took place in USA

Pledge to Take Action

As a junior in high school, everyone says this is the hardest year of your high school career. I wish they would have said it louder.

I knew coming into this year that it would be hard. I’ve never struggled in school before I’ve taken on a pretty heavy load this year with 3 AP classes, 2 clubs, and my own extracurricular activities. By the time I finish my homework, it’s almost 11 pm. 

I’m preparing myself for college, but if things are going to be this hard, I sometimes ask myself, “Do I really want to be this stressed out?” I’m currently in the process of writing my college essay, taking pre-college classes and SAT prep, applying to scholarships, and trying to narrow down which schools I want to apply to. In the back of my mind, getting a job after high school sounds so much easier.. 

However, I have friends in college, and they love their freshman year, insisting that all of the stress right now is worth it, even if the steps to get there are challenging. While I am intrigued and curious about what college can offer, the overwhelming stress associated with reaching that point raises existential questions about the pursuit itself.

To assist those navigating similar challenges, here are some steps that I have used to get you ready so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed:

1. Do your research. Each college has their own set of requirements. Have a clear vision of where you want to go, what that school has to offer, and the requirements you need in order to apply.

2. Apply early. Every school has their own application deadlines. Get organized and set alarms for each deadline. 

3. Visit the schools you are considering applying to if you can. There is nothing worse than applying to your dream school, getting there, and  everything about the campus. Do a college tour to see if you will even like the campus. Alternatively, any schools offer virtual tours if you can not visit in person. 

4. Apply for scholarships. There is so much free money available in the form of scholarships out there. All it takes is putting in the effort to find them and apply! 

Pledge to Take Action