How One Woman is Using the Power of Kind Words

March 21, 2017

Abbey Sager, 18, was born and raised in northern New Jersey and now resides in southwestern Pennsylvania. She currently goes to Southern New Hampshire University majoring in Nonprofit Management. Already putting these skills to use, Abbey also runs her own non-profit – Diverse Gaming Coalition – which fights to end online harassment. Her interests include how people use their emotions, bullying and harassment, and how these two ideas correlate. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Sparky, and playing video games.

This story took place in United States

Linda Hopkins, the Assistant Manager at a popular fast-food franchise in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, is choosing to make her community happy – all by using the power of kind words and a personal touch.

Most fast food chain restaurants aren’t known for their homey feel or warm service. But Hopkins is on mission to change that experience for her customers. When she’s not working, Hopkins is family oriented and loves spending time lavishing attention on her grandchildren. Coming to her job, her attitude doesn’t change and she treats everyone as her own. Whether it’s her employees or customers that walk through the door, she handles them as though they’re family and not just revenue to the store.

Hopkins greets everyone with her bright smile and warm, friendly personality which has a way of brightening their day. She makes a point of talking with guests as they eat, making sure they’re enjoying their meal and even taking a few minutes out of her hectic schedule to sit down and have in-depth conversations with store regulars.

Customers talk about how this makes them feel welcome and eager to come back and pick up where the conversation left off. “Linda is the reason I choose this restaurant over others,” says Austin Sager, 22, of Waynesburg.

For Hopkins, treating people with kindness is just the right thing to do – “Jesus wants me to.” She doesn’t just want to serve people, she wants to keep them in good spirits and put a smile on their face. This simple yet powerful perspective is at the center of Hopkins’ moral compass and commitment to acting compassionately, even in small ways.

Hopkins sunny attitude and basic kindness is especially appreciated in a community such as Waynesburg where the poverty rate is nearly 30% and many are just struggling to get by. Her commitment to offering a smile or a few kind words can be a much-needed gesture in an unexpected place. Although her actions may seem small, Hopkins is proving that anyone has the power to transform a place – no matter how dull or impersonal – just by putting in a little extra effort.