Quaraneat Spreads Recipes and Social Awareness

October 15, 2021

By Isabel Xue

Isabel Xue, 16, lives in Massachusetts and is a junior at Middlesex School. She loves journalism and is a chief writer and staff videographer for her school’s newspaper. Isabel also loves creating writing and has written four novels, two of which are self-published. She enjoys working with digital media. She is the president and founder of Mid-Way Hope, a community service chapter. Isabel started her own tutoring business and offered free classes during the pandemic. Additionally, she is a competitive dancer and rising captain of her school dance team. She loves being involved in school and is an active member of her school’s Senate and mental health club. Isabel strongly dislikes tomatoes but is otherwise a fruit fanatic.

Pledge to Take Action

Check out Quaraneat, a food Instagram page that was started by two sisters during quarantine to share recipes and has grown through their advocacy for social causes!

Pledge to Take Action