Spreading Kindness With the ‘Positive Change Project’

May 05, 2021

Pledge to Take Action

I am someone who has always wanted to make a difference in the world. I have often been told that my ambition is too powerful for my own good. While others see this as a weakness, I find it my strength. My ambition is my drive to make the world a better place. Do I know how I am going to change the world? Absolutely not. What I do know is that small acts of kindness might not change the entire world, but it will change at least one person’s world.

I started the Positive Change Project during 2020 to bring a little bit of light into what I viewed as a dark time. The project focuses on the idea of changing at least one person’s world through positivity. The Positive Change Project highlights ideas for random acts of kindness that people can use in their daily lives to create a chain of kindness. The project also makes bookmarks for multiple organizations in order to brighten people’s days. The bookmarks provide people who are looking to spread a little positivity with an opportunity to do so! People can design a bookmark on the Positive Change Project website and submit it to be made by a member of the Positive Change Project team. Once the bookmark is made it will be sent to the designated organization. This project provides positivity to many groups of people such as girls, foster children, older adults in nursing homes, and many others!

The feedback from people who have received bookmarks from this project has been very moving. Many say that it brightens their day and it serves as a reminder to remain optimistic during dark times. It’s amazing how such a small act of kindness can have such lasting impacts on people! Many people who submit bookmarks also express gratitude because they feel excited to be able to share positivity with others in such a simple way.

Above all, this project has highlighted the importance of kindness. Kindness is extremely powerful. It has the power to make someone’s day or even change someone’s life. With this being said, I hope that this inspires others to be kind, and people take the time to participate in random acts of kindness, because they really do go a long way.

For more information about the Positive Change Project, please visit: https://www.positivechangeproject.net/+ don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!

Pledge to Take Action

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