Technology & Kindness Create a SAAFE HOUSE

June 08, 2017

Lauren Galley, 22, was born and raised in Texas. She currently attends the Sam Houston State University’s Clinical Psychology Master’s Program. As an award winning teen mentor and President of the nonprofit Girls Above Society, Lauren is dedicated to empowering young girls to be confident and digitally smart as they navigate the tough pressures of today’s media-driven society. She shares her powerful voice on a variety of platforms as a TEDx speaker, Amazon Best Selling Author and the United Nations as a Youth Delegate working towards gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. According to Lauren: Family, Friends, Books, Kindness, Traveling & Matthew Gubler are the key ingredients for happiness.

On Monday, June 12th, Born This Way Foundation and Channel Kindness are headed to Samsung’s 837 space in New York City for a conversation with our Co-Founder and President Cynthia Germanotta about how technology can help foster kindness. Click here if you’re in New York and would like to attend.

In the meantime, check out this amazing story captured on a Samsung Galaxy S8 about a domestic violence shelter that is using technology to support their mission.