The Art of Being ME

June 23, 2022

Janelle is the Associate Dirctor of the Burrell Foundation, which exists to create compassionate communities that promote mental well-being and enrich lives.

Pledge to Take Action

As Burrell Foundation, we would love to bring our MEMovement to cities throughout the country to inspire communities to know it’s OK to talk about mental health and to provide hope to those that need it.

This project includes an extensive series of portrait artwork and corresponding stories that allow the viewer to look eye-to-eye with many different faces of mental health. Additionally, we have created short films that tell deeply touching, raw, and authentic stories about various behavioral health challenges. We hope to raise awareness about mental health, while reminding us all we’re not alone in our struggles.

Check out the trailer of one of these films – “Art of Being ME” – below:

Pledge to Take Action