Fashioning a Kinder, Braver Tomorrow

October 03, 2023
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Joseph Arujo (he/him) is a 19-year old Latinx mental-health activist and content creator based in Los Angeles, CA. He is a freshman student at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, hoping to combine his interests in Business Administration and Media Studies to create a purpose-driven career that makes a difference in his community. As a Community Leader in the TikTok Diversity Collective, Joseph uses his energy to advise companies such as TikTok on diversity, equity, and inclusion, leading to developments such as “Pronouns on profiles,” crediting creator tools, and more. He has steadily grown his online fan base to over 870,000 followers, creating a community centered around spreading positivity and kindness.

Joseph’s hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, leading to coverage in various media outlets including Business Insider, Vice, Sweety High, Medium, and many others. He is honored to join Born This Way Foundation’s Advisory Board and committing to the foundations principles of building a kinder and braver world.

Stay up-to-date with Joseph on Instagram at @josepharujo and TikTok at @joseph!

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Pledge to Take Action

In a world that’s constantly evolving, addressing the mental health needs of our youth has never been more critical. This past week, I had the privilege of joining Born This Way Foundation and Cotton On Foundation for an incredibly impactful gathering at their Century City Mall pop-up. It was at this event that I engaged in a powerful and eye-opening discussion led by none other than Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta. Together, we challenged ourselves to learn more about youth mental health, and sparked conversations about “being there” for one another.

During the conversation, Lady Gaga and Cynthia emphasized the importance of creating a kinder and braver world for young people. They highlighted the need for open and honest conversations about mental health, and the importance of supporting one another. Born This Way Foundation advisory board Alumna Keely Cat-Wells told the group, “When we share our stories, magic happens. By opening up about our own experiences, we break down walls and show others that they’re not alone. It’s a beautiful act of connection, kindness, and solidarity.”

(Keely Cat-Wells wearing Cotton On Born This Way Foundation denim jacket)

It was truly inspiring to witness firsthand how both organizations joined forces to champion mental health awareness. As part of this remarkable collaboration, Cotton On has committed to donating 100% of the net proceeds to Born This Way Foundation’s youth mental health work from now until October 10th. And here’s where you can make a difference too!

Fashion meets advocacy:
The ‘Kinder, Braver Together’ line directly contributes to supporting the Foundation’s youth mental health initiatives. You can learn more at

Together, let’s break down the stigma and cultivate a community based on empathy, understanding, and support

Make it your own:
Each clothing item in this line is designed to leave room for experimentation and creative expression! Everyone at the pop-up event had the opportunity to customize their own items, just as I did with my denim jacket-turned-vest. Click here to learn more about the Kinder, Braver Together pop-up (or even visit if you’re in Los Angeles!).

(Young people who have earned their Be There Certificate smiling for a ‘selfie,’ wearing customized Cotton On Born This Way Foundation denim jackets)

Be There Certificate:
On every item in the ‘Kinder, Braver Together’ collection, you’ll find a QR code to scan that will guide you directly to the Be There Certificate.

The Be There Certificate is a completely free and self-paced course that is designed to provide you with invaluable insights on how you can be there – not just for others, but also for yourself.

(Rachel Mueller (left) and Joseph Arujo (right) displaying their Be There Certificates)

Together, we can make a difference!
Every conversation, every click on the Be There Certificate, every post online raising mental health awareness contributes to building a kinder, braver world for our youth.  Born This Way Foundation and Cotton On Foundation’s goal is ambitious: to raise $5 million USD for youth mental health, and we can only achieve it with your support.

So, let’s keep the momentum going, spread the word, and remember that change begins with each of us. By banding together and being there for one another, we can light the path toward a brighter future, where mental health takes center stage. After all, a kinder world is our kind of world.

Pledge to Take Action