Supporting Mental Health with ‘A Tin A Day’

September 08, 2022
Christine (she/her) is residing on Treaty Six Territory (Amiskwaciywaskahikan). Christine is in her 3rd year in a social work diploma and will soon be completing a social work degree. She created her own Non-Profit called A Tin A Day, which helps at-risk community members in her city access mental health supports and self-care essentials. Christine has been advocating within the mental health sector by creating toolkits for organizations and resources and implementing workshops and discussions across Canada to discuss stigma and share her personal experiences. Christine volunteers with multiple organizations across her city, Amiskwacîwâskahikan, and wants to continue amplifying voices.

Pledge to Take Action

A Tin A Day creates social change within unhoused populations in Edmonton and the surrounding areas by providing self-care tins to individuals. I created this nonprofit to help helps at-risk community members in her city access mental health supports and self-care essentials.

These self-care tins include essentials, all compacted in a container. These tins are donated; otherwise, they would have ended up in the landfill. Mental health and the thousands of people who are unhoused and affected by un- supported or under-supported mental health challenges in Edmonton play an essential role in what A Tin A Day supports.

QR codes inside tin lids direct individuals to mental health resources available on the “A Tin A Day”; website. The QR code is accessible to individuals with any technology that can scan a QR code. We continue to learn and offer new and creative ways to give access to mental health resources and support to all Edmontonians.

My inspiration for creating my project was my childhood. I grew up in a low-income family and struggled with my mental health but could not gain access to support due to financial barriers. One early morning, when my ADHD brain could, again, not sleep, I had an idea to create a project for social change, to help those struggling with mental health and financial barriers while helping to save the planet at the same time. The world has become even more complex in the last couple of years due to the pandemic and its trickle effects.

Creating some much-needed change in the world is more important now than ever. I grew up giving what I had to others – from my father figure passing away and having a close cousin die from an overdose, I realized so many others are struggling and don’t have the tools or opportunities to ask for help or even survive. For these reasons, I created “A Tin A Day” (ATAD).

Another part of my project is A Tin A Day Opioid helplines. A very close cousin of mine died from an overdose last year. The reality is that he is just another among the staggering number of Edmontonians who lose their lives to drugs each year. Opioids are taking over the city. I decided to help others who are struggling and/or their families. I have created resources for all over Alberta. I make these resources accessible to as many people as possible and place a list of supports and contacts into pill bottles for people to carry. These are pill bottles that can be filled with hope instead of pills.

If you know of any resources, supports, or ideas, please send them to our email at [email protected] or visit our website  The more people know about our project, the more people we reach; please tag us so we can share on our social media accounts as well!

Pledge to Take Action