Beauty of Culture

April 22, 2023

“Junk Kouture is a creative programme for young people, which focuses on fashion and sustainability. Junk Kouture encourages the next generation of creative, innovative thinkers. It will inspire your metalwork, engineer, science, home-economics, or woodwork students to get thinking about new ways to re-create materials for a more sustainable future.”

This story took place in Ireland

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Courtesy of Junk Kouture

Techinee Nawiang, better known as New, is a student from Our Lady’s Bower Secondary School (Athlone, Ireland) who moved to Ireland from Thailand. New quickly found an inherent creative talent and brought her own tradition and culture to her Junk Kouture design.

“I quickly realized that she’s very, very talented through the working of the materials and manipulation of materials. You don’t come across that very often, but when you do you just sit up and pay attention!”

-Oonagh Kelly, Former Teacher at Our Lady’s Bower Secondary School (Athlone, Ireland)

(Courtesy of Junk Kouture)

Pledge to Take Action