Change to be Seen

April 24, 2023

“Junk Kouture is a creative programme for young people, which focuses on fashion and sustainability. Junk Kouture encourages the next generation of creative, innovative thinkers. It will inspire your metalwork, engineer, science, home-economics, or woodwork students to get thinking about new ways to re-create materials for a more sustainable future.”

This story took place in Ireland

Pledge to Take Action

Courtesy of Junk Kouture

Maha Shahadi, along with design team Jadine Fitzpatrick and Somalia Anwari, are on a mission to have their voices heard in the midst of the climate crisis and become the change-makers of tomorrow with their design ‘Ode to Joy’ inspired by the EU GreenDeal. The design represents 27 member states working together for one cause.

“The youth of today are very well-informed about problems; we know what’s wrong with the world and we have good ideas. We have creative solutions and sometimes we have the answers if you listen to us!”

-Maha Shahadi (Junk Kouture student)

(Courtesy of Junk Kouture)

Pledge to Take Action