#BeKind21: 21 Acts of Kindness From Our Global Community

October 04, 2021

#BeKind21 has passed and I want you to give yourself a round of applause for contributing to a kinder and braver world with us! We witnessed acts of kindness in almost every corner of the globe (we’ll get you next time, Antarctica!) and from people of all ages, gender, races, religions, nationalities, abilities, and differences. We were a force of more than 6.8 million people who collectively pledged and encouraged over 143 million acts of kindness in just 21 days. It would be impossible to catalog each action done throughout #BeKind21, but here are 21 uplifting and exciting highlights from September. As you read through this year’s recap,  get some ideas for your next kind act and celebrate the connections and community that’s built through kindness.

Joe Holmes, a member of Born This Way Foundation’s Advisory Board, started us off by sharing his actions of giving flowers to his mom and sister AND getting his second COVID-19 vaccination shot. What a great two-for-one, showing that kindness is giving people sweet surprises and doing your part to keep your community safe.

Harley Blair shared some kindness through anonymous messages in a parking lot. I’m sure the message made that person’s day; I know it made mine!

This leader in kindness helped her school kick off day three of #BeKind21 in the morning announcements, letting all of the students know that their “homework” was to compliment three people! 😉

Subway Surfers shared kindness through their game, letting players choose a new character that makes her community kinder with each round!

Kids Food Basket showed us that everyone can be an artist! By decorating bags that will hold meals for food insecure youth, these kindness captains brought smiles and nourishment to their community. (Also, we can’t get enough of that mask!)


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Bright Inspired Dentistry in North Carolina made sure to share kindness in a variety of ways! We love their idea of leaving quarters at a vending machine for the next person. What a fun way to pay it forward!

Our friends at Haus Labs used #BeKind21 as an opportunity to create a chain reaction of compliments and pep talks. Kindness is creating safe and encouraging spaces, online and in person!

#BeKind21 also inspired many of us to surprise someone with our actions. A kind stranger gave a young boy a surprise allowance for a new toy car! Random acts of kindness can really change someone’s whole day!

Rhythmical Mike showed us that kindness is sharing resources with your community! The Old Farm Bus brought poetry workshops to young people in their community, helping them invest in and care for their creative minds.

This educator brought #BeKind21 to her classroom by letting students create a kindness project of their own! Creating kind communities at school is essential to helping young people take care of themselves.

The team at God’s Love We Deliver marked the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 by sharing treats with New York City firefighters and thanking them for their service.

Participants from Uni Hope used #BeKind21 as an opportunity to give school supplies to students in Brazil, letting each student know that they are supported and cared for.


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A leader from Compassionate Las Vegas helped others beat the heat by sharing water and snacks on a particularly hot day. Kindness is making sure people in your community have what they need!

Just around the corner, our friends at The Defensive Line and Hope Means Nevada spent a day of #BeKind21 mentoring young people and having hard conversations about grief, depression, and vulnerability. Kindness is eliminating the stigma around mental health!


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This #BeKind21 participant took part in a Buddy Walk in his community and made sure to pause for this truly awesome photo op.


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This Channel Kindness author shared her story of grieving and celebrating her friend’s life by completing her friend’s #BeKind21 list from last year. Kindness is a beautiful way to be remembered and Emily’s story is one that will pull on each of your heart strings.

Mauricio Correa, another one of our Advisory Board Members, shared kindness by checking in on a family member and making sure she felt loved.

Peter Pan Foundation showed two students’ “Take a Note, Leave a Note” station at their school’s musical practice, because kindness is sharing uplifting and encouraging messages!


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This little pup showed that kindness is as easy as sharing three words to someone who may not be feeling their best. (I know a well wish from him would make me feel great!)


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Bethany, the founder and leader of Bethany’s Happy Bags, celebrated #BeKind21 by sharing hand sanitizer with folks experiencing homelessness in her community, reminding them that they are cared for and remembered!

Our co-founder Lady Gaga showed kindness by giving her mother, and Born This Way Foundation co-founder and president, Cynthia Germanotta, a rose! We love our co-founders and are so grateful for the kindness they put into the world each and every day.


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While #BeKind21 2021 may be over, the kind actions are still going. Born This Way Foundation has been on a mission to create a kinder and braver world since 2012 and that work isn’t stopping any time soon. We are grateful so many people decided to join us this year and we can’t wait to do it all again next year with YOU!