12-year-old CEO Increases Representation With Brown Girls Stationery

March 13, 2021
This story took place in United States

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When 7-year-old Kamaria Warren saw the lack of representation in the stationery market, she decided to create her own products. Now, five years later, Kamaria is the CEO of her own company Brown Girls Stationery, an online boutique that supplies party decor, back-to-school items, and printable notepads that remind young girls of color that they are beautiful, intelligent, and seen in this world.

To learn more about Kamaria, we asked one of our most skilled Channel Kindness reporters to interview her. Luckily for us, 12-year-old Sydney Scovic — a strong advocate for kindness — was excited to get the scoop! Through Zoom, Sydney and her mom met with Kamaria and her mom to talk about the importance of representation, her new nonprofit, and what it’s like to be a kid CEO!

Check out their conversation below, and don’t forget to read the Q+A portion!

Sydney: Hi Kamaria! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about your amazing business Brown Girls Stationery, and I’m so excited to learn more about you! What drives and motivates you?    
Kamaria: What really drives me is seeing other kids being able to relate to my product and just enjoying themselves with my products. What motivates me is seeing that I’m an inspiration to other kids!

Sydney: That’s really cool! What is the hardest part about being a CEO at 12 years old?
Kamaria: Since I’m a mini CEO, it can sometimes be hard because I have to manage my time. I’m in 7th grade, so even though I’m in virtual school, I have to make sure I’m getting orders out on time, doing my homework on time, and doing my chores on time.

Sydney: Who is your biggest inspiration? 
Kamaria: I actually have two people who are big inspirations in my life. My mom is one of my inspirations because she was an entrepreneur in the past, and she currently is one now, so she’s always instructed me to keep on going when it’s hard, and it’s really her that helped me create the business. And my principal – who I also call my aunt because I’ve known her for so long before she was my principal – she’s always been there for us when we needed her for business tips, and she helped us put strategies and systems in place so we can get everything out on time.

Sydney: What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Kamaria: When I’m not working, I usually like to make Tik Toks, play with my friends. I have my two best friends who live down the street from me, and I also take dance classes.

Sydney: What goals have you set for yourself, and what goals have you set for your company?
Kamaria: I want to attend a HBCU (Historically Black College and University). I’ve been looking at FAMU (Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University) since I was 8 or 9. I also want to be a director when I grow up, so I also want to continue to do good in school so I can accomplish those goals. For the business, I want to keep inspiring other kids. I want to make sure that I open up a store one day, and then I want to own a printing and manufacturing store where I can design products for me, and then, I can design products for other people as well!

Sydney: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Kamaria: I really want to go to Paris to look at all the sights and try the different baking treats they have — every time me and my mom go to a new place we’ve never been to, we like to stop at bakeries and my grandma bakes, my mom used to bake, and it’s a tradition we have. So, I really want to go to Paris, and my room is even currently themed Paris!

Sydney: What are some of the nonprofits out there that you get excited about?
Kamaria: One of the nonprofits I really like is Goodr — it’s by Jasmine Crowe. She basically goes to restaurants and gets restaurant waste and turns them into boxes of food for the homeless. I’ve met her, and she’s really helped my business. I’ve won one of her grants as well. I also like Marley Dias’ 1000 Black Girl Books because diversity in books really matters to me, and I really like seeing myself in a book.

Sydney: Could you tell us a little bit more about the nonprofit you’re launching?
Kamaria: The nonprofit I’m launching is called #snackworthy. It actually began in the summer when the idea began; I was looking at the tension going on in the world, and I really wanted to remind people that one act of kindness can really just change the perspective in someone’s life. I like to do something every 16th — because my birthday is on January 16th — so on February 16th, I made snack bags with my mom with pre-packaged food; and I went to my local hospital and then a COVID-testing area and gave out the bags.

Sydney: What’s your favorite Gaga song?
Kamaria: I have a lot of favorites, but my favorite is Shallow! I love the whole song, and I love to sing it when I’m in the shower!
Sydney: That’s such a good one! Thank you so much for being here today and it’s been so fun to talk to you!

To learn more about Kamaria and Brown Girls Stationery, please visit brown-girls-stationery.myshopify.com/ and be sure to follow Kamaria’s company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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