How Losing A Wallet Sparked A Global Kindness Movement

March 20, 2024

A distinguished graduate of Gettysburg College, Kevin is the founder of a wealth advisory practice in his home community of York County, PA. His values were shaped by his childhood upbringing. Kevin paid his way through college by selling produce from his grandfather’s farm, teaching him valuable lessons in responsibility, resourcefulness, and relationships. Through his mother’s example as a self-employed beautician and single parent dedicated to providing for her children, he learned the importance of hard work, perseverance, compassion, and serving a purpose greater than his own. He also took to heart the meaning of gratitude given his heartfelt appreciation of the sacrifices his mother and grandfather made on his behalf.

This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

Losing my wallet on Good Friday morning 2023 only to have a young Good Samaritan woman return it to my home within moments after I realized it was lost, changed my life. 

My effort to identify this woman, thank her in a more meaningful way, and pay it forward led to a fascinating unexpected adventure of a lifetime impossible to put into words. It inspired me to launch my own nonprofit Kindness Worldwide with a vision “to create a culture of kindness in communities throughout the world.” 

Among its initiatives is formal recognition of Kindness Week by governing bodies. Last November we had 1 city (York) 2 counties (York/Adams) and 1 state (PA) officially proclaim Kindness Week. Police departments were issuing kindness citations, schools were actively engaged, blood drives occurred…it was absolutely magical, and arguably the best week of my life. 

I’ve never attempted or been a part of anything so meaningful. And it all happened by accident simply by losing my wallet. It completely changed my paradigm of the world and gave me a renewed sense of purpose. Instead of feeling powerless, I now feel empowered to be the change I wish for and bring much needed change into the world! 

I will not relent until every city in every county, every county in the state, every state in the country, and every country in the world officially get on board in recognizing humanity’s greatest asset – Kindness. There is a path.  My story is proof that no act of kindness is too small to change a life, and that no one is too inconsequential to make a lasting impact and change the world through kind actions.

Pledge to Take Action