15 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

April 10, 2023
This story took place in United States

Pledge to Take Action

In honor of Earth Month, we’re celebrating our favorite ways to be kind to the environment! Remember, every single act of kindness makes a difference, so whether you’re planting a tree or turning off your lights when they’re not in use, we’re proud of you for helping to create a kinder and greener world! 

To help get you started, check out the ideas below, and don’t forget to share your own awesome story as to how you’re helping our planet: 

1. Pick up litter + help keep your community clean. You can volunteer with Keep America Beautiful by finding a clean-up event near you + you can also sign up for a free clean-up kit!

2. Plant a tree or help clean up the area around one nearby. Check out this stunning National Geographic video about one man’s mission to save the forests by planting one tree at a time + join him in his mission: 

3. Check out these 1-click actions from Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program, which empowers people to positively impact their community through environmental service projects! If you’re an educator, check out this toolkit as to how to empower your students, and if you’re a young person, learn how to become a free member.

4. Looking for a fun DIY project? Build a birdhouse or for a family friendly activity, you can build a bird-feeder or a birdhouse with just a milk carton!  

5. Sort your garbage into recyclables and non-recyclables, and set in the appropriate pickup bins or schedule a day to visit your recycling center. Here’s a list of items you can and can’t recycle.

6. Support or join your community garden. Not only do community gardens make fresh produce more accessible, but they also bring people together. You can find a community garden in your community or learn how to start your own.

7. Donate lightly used clothes and household items to nonprofits, local shelters, or organizations like Dress for Success instead of throwing them away. 

8. Learn how to become a climate activist with the help of trainings from youth-led organizations such as SustainUS and the Sunrise Movement.

9. Grow pollinator friendly flowers. Pollinators, such as butterflies, birds, and bees, play a crucial role in plant reproduction and our overall environment. To learn which flowers best attract pollinators in your state, click here.

10. Speaking of pollinators, you can help save the bees, a population that’s declined by over 50 percent in the past 75 years. Learn how you can volunteer to protect bees, adopt a beehive, or safely get rid of a swarm in your neighborhood at no cost at https://savethebees.com/

11. Educate yourself about the planet and check out these free short 2-minute to 5-minute films from National Geographic:

His Epic Message Will Make You Want to Save the World 

The Unique Wildlife of The Scottish Highlands

This Endangered Monkey is One of the World’s Most Colorful Primates

Meet the Heroes Who Protect the Last Northern White Rhinos in the World

12. Follow climate activists on social media + amplify their voices: Some of our favorites include gen-z sustainability activist Maya Penn, clean water activist Mari Copeny, and 17-year-old Indigenous activist Autumn Peltier

13. Don’t forget that small actions can make a big difference. Turning off electronics when not in use and using refillable water bottles or reusable coffee cups are kind actions you can practice every day! 

14. If you have the means, donate to organizations that advocate for environmental protection such as Intersectional Environmentalist, Black Farmer Fund, Climate Justice Alliance, and the Sunrise Movement.

15. Lastly, go outside and appreciate nature! National Park Week is April 22nd to April 30th with entrance fees being waived the 22nd to kick off the celebration – you can check out the parks near you and plan your next visit here

Pledge to Take Action