Celebrating Pride: Playlist 2023

June 08, 2023
This story took place in United States

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In celebrating Pride today and every day, we also invite you to celebrate with these LGBTQ+ artists –  listen to their music, share their songs with your friends, and dance along to their songs!

1) Miley Cyrus – “Flowers”

In her highly-anticipated eighth studio album, Miley Cyrus sets the stage with confidence, bravery, and boldness. The song is an ode to self-love and reminds us that no one else can love ourselves better than we can.

“I can take myself dancing, I can hold my own hand, I can love me better than you can.”

2)  Calum Scott – “Boys in the Street”

In  the English singer-songwriter describes the story of growing up gay with a father who doesn’t accept his sexuality. As he grows older, his father slowly learns to accept him, and before he dies, shares his regret of not understanding his son earlier whilst encouraging him to be exactly who he is:“My son, keep kissing boys in the street. And when I’m gone, keep kissing boys in the street.”

3) Meet Me @ The Altar – “Brighter Days”

This pop punk band formed via Youtube and consists of three members all around the US: Edith Victoria, Téa Campbell, Ada Juarez. Their vocals in the song “Brighter Days) Are Before Us are fresh, raw, and shine with authenticity. Truly a song to belt out, the lyrics discuss letting the bad fade away and letting the hope of brighter days in.

“Brighter days are before us, can’t give up now cause I know all the bad will fade away, it will fade away.”

4. Kele – “Cradle You”

In this acoustic, gentle, and soft song, Kele encourages a lover to grow and rise, whilst his lyrics showcase the tenderness of a special tight love in a relationship.

“Suspended in dreams, let me restore you, let me cradle you”

5. Dove Cameron – “Boyfriend”

This actress and singer came out as queer in 2020 when she told Gay Times, “I’m choosing to love myself, to be who I am every day and not edit myself depending on the room that I’m in. I’m making no apologies for who I am.” In her song “Boyfriend,” Dove describes how she would make a better boyfriend than the one her friend already has: “I could be a better boyfriend than him. I would’ve never left you alone.”


6) Tessa Thompson – “Breathe”

In the hit movie Creed, Tessa Thompson plays Bianca, a singer-songwriter who writes “Breathe,” a luscious track that reminds the listener to take a deep breath, ground themselves, and hold on to those they love.

“Breathe, the hand that holds, the heart that holds me down, breathe”

7) MUNA – “I Know A Place”

This song by the American indie pop band is a reminder that safe spaces can exist and is a rallying cry for acceptance and love in homes, schools, and communities to be that safe space. “They will try to make you unhappy/ Don’t let them/ They will try to tell you you’re not free/ Don’t listen/ I, I know a place where you don’t need protection.”

Keep the celebration going by checking out the rest of our Pride playlist below!

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