5 Cozy Movies to Watch During the Holidays Season 

December 21, 2023

Emily Flores is a Mexican-American journalist and founder of Cripple Media, the first media company exclusively run by and for young disabled people. Being born with Muscular Dystrophy and growing up as a power wheelchair user, Flores realized the large underrepresentation that there was of young disabled people in the media, and therefore the vast amount of misconceptions that existed surrounding disability. Which is why, at the age of 15, Flores created Cripple Media, a digital platform that places young disabled people in positions of power in the media, and thus enables them to take back control of the disability narrative. Cripple’s mission is to simultaneously foster a community that has long been ignored, place disability & mental health at the forefront of mainstream conversations, and demand space for disabled creatives in media industries. Flores’ work has been recognized by companies such as Disney+, Google, The New York Times, Yahoo, & more.

This story took place in United States

Ever since I was a little girl, the holiday season was always my favorite time of the year. Yes, ice and snow is never good for my wheels on my wheelchair (blegh), but the cozy season in which sweaters, hot chocolate, family time, and gifts are normalized, I have always been all about it. Family time and togetherness are one of the things that are most important to me, and have been the most beneficial to me in caring for my mental health. So, here are some cozy films I like to watch during the holidays with family, that I think provide just the right amount of coziness and quality time for the holiday season! 

1. Elf (2003) 

This one is a no-brainer for me. This holiday classic included on this list is partly for obvious Christmas reasons, but also majorly because it’s such a nostalgic fav for my family and I. I don’t think there hasn’t been one single Christmas where we haven’t gathered around to watch the Will Ferrell classic, and I don’t foresee a future where we won’t be continuing the same tradition. In this film, we follow an elf from the North Pole embark on a mission to find his real dad, only to find out everything he was told about his childhood is not really what it seems. This movie is a great one to add to your watch list, as the infectious excitement from Buddy the Elf is sure to get you excited again for the holidays. 

2. The Family Stone (2005) 

This movie is also a nostalgic addition to this list. When I was younger, my mom and I had a particularly strong rom-com era, where she would show me all of her favorites and I would sit next to her, feeling lucky that she was letting 12 year old me watch them with her. One of them was this movie, The Family Stone! This film follows a particular couple, who brings his girlfriend home to his family for the holidays so he could get their approval. Throughout the movie, this proves to be unsuccessful, and the audience is brought along to witness several embarrassingly-funny moments with the Stone family. This movie is also great for disability representation, too! 

3. The Polar Express (2004) 

If a Gen-zer does not have this movie on their watch list as a meme or as just a nostalgic addition, then I don’t know what other movie will. Most people from my generation were exposed to this movie either through elementary school or through their family. Either way, the characters’ animation and campy plot line made the film an interesting experience. This is an animated film that follows a young boy taking an incredible ride to the North Pole. Through his journey, he learns a few lessons about himself and about the power of believing. 

4. My Neighbor Totoro (1990) 

To be honest, I kind of look for any excuse to add this movie to any watch list. Because, I pretty much use any excuse to watch this film, especially when I’m having a sick day or it’s the holiday season. This Studio Ghibli classic follows two young sisters as they explore their new home in the Japanese countryside, and along the way meet some curious and cute friends to join them. This is genuinely the cutest movie ever, and if it is not a movie that is playing above your chimney during this holiday season, then I don’t know what to tell you.


5. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) 

Ironically enough, my boyfriend actually introduced this film to me! A romantic classic and now one of my holiday favorites, this film follows a young Tom Hanks playing a widowed father making a connection with a writer who has a call-in radio show. This movie is romantic, dreamy, and tugs at your heartstrings in the best possible ways. Also, scenes of this movie could probably be found on so many “cozy winter” aesthetic Pinterest boards.