Five Apps to Help You De-Stress During Finals Week

December 07, 2018

Addison Dlott, 23, is a storyteller, content creator, and writer specializing in non-fiction media. Her work spans a spectrum of media and non-profit organizations including CNN, PBS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the National Organizations for Youth Safety. She is passionate about exploring the intersection of storytelling and social change. Her work has been recognized by the Director’s Guild of America, and in 2019 she was named as a Fulbright Grant Recipient. She is an Ithaca College graduate with a B.A. in Documentary Studies and Production.

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Many students experience a high-stress level during final exams. In a study conducted by, 31% of college students reported that midterms and final exams are the most significant cause of their stress. In a study conducted by New York University about stress in high school students, nearly half of all students reported feeling a great deal of stress on a daily basis.

I, for one, am a part of the many students that feel overwhelmed during finals season. Last year, instead of drowning in my workload, I decided to investigate free apps that could me quick and easy de-stressing remedies. I have curated a list of free apps available for you to download on a mobile device to help you de-stress this finals season. With finals week just around the corner, here are just some of the many apps available that can help you de-stress.

Aura: The Meditation App for You

In the midst of exams, short and powerful relaxation techniques can be beneficial. Aura, a relaxation app full of mindfulness exercises, life coaching, stories, and music, has an impressive near-perfect rating on the App Store from thousands of customers. Aura was created by meditation teachers and therapists and gives users personalized meditation exercises. The app also gives you daily reminders to take a 3-minute break and meditate.

I had very little experience with meditation before Aura. Aura’s personalized reminders allowed me to take 3-minutes out of my day to unwind. I was surprised how much better I felt after the short meditation exercise. For anyone who is hesitant to try meditation and mindfulness, Aura is a great app to help you ease into making meditation a part of your daily routine.  

Yoga, Anyone?

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Daily Yoga is the yoga app for you. Providing free yoga and meditation classes for people of all skill levels, Daily Yoga offers over 100 classes to participate in. The app also allows you to keep records of your practices. Yoga has proven to be beneficial and therapeutic for most people, and several studies suggest that yoga may help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. With Daily Yoga, students have the opportunity to take a few moments and unwind with quick and accessible yoga techniques.

I had absolutely no experience with yoga before Daily Yoga. The app’s easy to use interface and plethora of exercises to pick from make it a go-to app for an early morning yoga exercise. Whether you use it before or after a stressful study session, having access to a fast and easy yoga session can help you to prepare for your next assignment.

Take a Deep Breath

Maybe meditation and yoga don’t suit your fancy. How about breathing techniques? Breathe2Relax is a simple app that teaches breathing techniques as a way to manage stress. Deep breathing has proven to be an efficient way to relax, reduce tension, and relieve stress.

The app offers instructions and practice exercises to help users learn about diaphragmatic breathing, a stress management skill. The app works both with self-starters or those working with a therapist who want include breathing techniques in their treatment.

If the commitment to yoga or mindfulness is too much, a simple breathing exercise is sometimes all you need. What I love about Breathe2Relax is that allows you to personalize your breathing techniques to ensure you don’t get dizzy. The accessibility of this app makes it a top choice when looking for a way to de-stress before any exam.

Sing Me To Sleep

Sometimes the easiest solution to get through exams is to get a good night’s rest. Sleep Time can help you with that. It’s pretty simple: the app provides insight into your sleep patterns by tracking your movement throughout the night. Based on your data the app learns to wake you up during your lightest sleep phase. Have you ever wondered why you feel so exhausted when you woke up, even after getting a full night of sleep? You likely were in the middle of a deep sleep phase. Sleep Time can assure you that even if you fall asleep late studying you can still maximize your sleep efficiency.  

During finals week it can be difficult to maintain a regular and healthy sleep schedule. Sleep Time has helped me to wake up and not feel groggy or disoriented. Late nights don’t seem too bad when Sleep Time can ensure that I can ensure that I am getting the best sleep possible each night.

Color Me Relaxed

Who said coloring books were just for kids? Colorfy is branded to be the “the secret against anxiety.” This app allows users to choose from thousands of designs to color, from flowers to animals to famous works of art. This highly rated app proves that coloring can help you to de-stress and let your mind unwind. Take a few moments to yourself if you need a break from studying and paint (which you can save to share on social media).

What I love about this app is that it allows your mind to wander. Colorfy can sometimes take the weight of final projects and exams off just by spending a few minutes creating art. It’s a nice way to take a break from studying or working to let yourself recharge.

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