We Break Cycles

September 30, 2022
Lightbeam is a storytelling platform on a mission to close the empathy gap! We feature artfully-crafted, shareable short documentaries that shine a light on compassionate people and acts of kindness. During these unprecedented times, Lightbeam is a welcome beacon to show us that the best of humanity always shines through.

Pledge to Take Action

Every student deserves support and guidance as they grow and change. Open School, based in Portland, Oregon, is so much more than just another after-school program. Open School is breaking cycles and changing lives by meeting students where they are at and supporting them in both times of struggle and in times of success. 


(Courtesy of Lightbeam)

Rob Finch, Creative Director
Sebastian Weinberg, Production Manager
Whitney Bradshaw, Producer/Director
Jason Greene, Director of Photography
Jesse Crowell, Editor
Kashi Hall, Assistant Editor
Digital One, Sound Design
Megan Clark, Additional footage
Chris Janjic, Additional footage

Pledge to Take Action