Educate Girls, Educate the World

October 15, 2021

Ankita Sundar is a junior at Presentation High School in San Jose, CA. Ankita co-founded Digital Educate and is passionate about advocating for quality education, gender equality, and encouraging girls’ participation in STEM and leadership.

Pledge to Take Action

My name is Ankita, and I am a 16-year old high school junior and a social entrepreneur. I am passionate about advocating for quality education and gender equality. 

At 13-years old, I started volunteering at a community non-profit whose mission is focused on bringing together low-income families to generate a new educational environment in their lives. As I was teaching basic computer lessons to a middle school girl, I was shocked to find out that her family couldn’t afford a computer and did not have access to the internet. I noticed this education barrier and wanted to act on the issue right away. I realized that these are two essential needs that must be met for students in the new generation for their education. 

This led me to co-found Digital Educate, a non-profit organization, that provides education, mentorship, and access to digital media to students. Digital Educate’s mission is to dispel the gender disparities in STEM by encouraging girls’ participation in STEM activities. We teach free computer programming classes and leadership workshops to students in elementary and middle school. During the pandemic, I taught coding classes to 300+ students. Recently, I successfully organized and led a girls’ coding contest on the Sustainable Development Goals for over 80+ middle school girls. 

Digital Educate’s goal is to expand our network to reach students who are eager to learn about STEM and leadership from all over the world. Our team is focused on bridging access to education and increasing gender diversity in tech and leadership. Through our leadership sessions, we strive to empower girls to uplift their voices as they are beyond capable of making a change in the world. 

By helping to give a girl the keys to unlock her own potential, we are giving our world the keys to a brighter, bolder future. Currently, we are focused on helping the girls in Kitenga, Tanzania, to continue their high school education. Please support me in this cause to give girls the chance to go to school, change their lives, and change our world.

This is just the start of my journey in contributing to this vast global learning crisis and I hope to take my experiences to help bridge the gap of digital education worldwide. I am deeply humbled to see how I am able to make an impact on many youth’s lives in the education realm. 

To partner or volunteer with Digital Educate, please reach out to us.

Pledge to Take Action